A True Woman

Her eyes are deep

Her mind is sharp

Her voice is clear

Her heart is open

She is present and available to life

She has gone beyond all illusions

She has gone beyond her past abandonment issues, physical abuse,

being forsaken, being told she is not good enough

These are all like winds of the past

She has awakened from a deep coma

She is free from the story called “my life”

She knows who she is now

She knows she is love

and love is her birthright

She knows she is whole

and she is comfortable with herself

and not scared to show

her feelings or vulnerabilities

She knows that her strength and beauty

do not come from her physical appearance;

therefore, she is no longer afraid

of her physical imperfections

She loves herself

and that gives her the ability

to love others

She is grateful, graceful and radiant

yet not arrogant

She is comfortable in being alone with herself, and loves silence

She knows she is one with The Maker

and not shy to share her light

She knows True Love is her fire;

hence she has blossomed into

“A True Woman”

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